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Whey Protein

This is one of the most used supplements in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, it’s great for building fat-free muscles and feeding your muscles with proteins quickly after a great workout. The point of bodybuilding is to build muscles, strength and you’ll need protein to fulfill this.

You can drink your Whey Protein before or/and after your workout and as a snack during the day. The most efficient moment to drink Whey Protein is after a workout because your muscles need protein to rebuild.

Casein Protein

This kind of protein is another very famous supplement in the bodybuilding industry. Casein Protein and Whey Protein remind very much of each other. The only major difference is, that Casein Protein is a slow absorbing protein and Whey Protein is fast-absorbing protein. Therefore the most efficient moment to drink Casein Protein is before going to sleep, so you can feed your muscles throughout the night, while you’re sleeping.

BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids)

These are the fundamental elements in protein. Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are three amino acids in BCAAs.

BCAA is a very popular supplement for people who wish to gain muscle mass. BCAAs are a term for the 3 of the 8 essential amino acids, which play an important role in the synthesis of the protein, namely leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Creatine Monohydrate

It is one of the most efficient and popular supplements on the market for people who wish to build muscle, gain strength and energy.

Creatine is 100% natural and you can find small amounts of it in some foods. Some of these foods have creatine in them; red meat, salmon, and tuna. But the amount of creatine is minimal in foods, therefore we take a creatine supplement to maximize the effect of creatine.

Fish oil

It’s an essential part of your health because, the pills contain important Omega 3 fatty acids, which your body needs to function optimally. Fish Oil increases the synthesis of protein in the body and speeds up metabolism. The body can’t produce the substance, which is found in the Fish Oil pills, therefore it’s important to remember to take your pills.


Vitamins are important for your body. Multivitamins help to keep your body in balance and help your body to secure that you’re getting your daily vitamin needs. Multivitamins are a vitamin supplement that may have a performance-enhancing effect and reduce muscle soreness.

Pre Work Out (PWO)

A great PWO is a pre-workout-drink that, as the name implies, you drink before your workout. The PWO content of nutrients helps you to ensure that you will be able to kick your workout up a notch. All PWO supplements have different nutrients in them, but they all have the same purpose, which is providing your workout with a kick and muscles so you a little extra to shoot with.


ZMA Is a product with a soothing effect, giving you better sleep. Some argue that the product may increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood. A postulate that (unfortunately) can not be confirmed by scientific evidence. Many also experience increased sexual desire when they consume the product.

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